Friday, December 16, 2011

Back To The Village

I probably shouldn't call this Blog Rayann's Tea Room anymore as the tea room was sold this past year and I no longer do the dress-up tea parties. It had a great 16 year run but I have moved up and away to new and adventurous things.The past year or so I have found my self bringing my Etsy shop mycreativeinstincts) back to life. I feel like now that there is  Facebook in my life I have a much better audience and a worldwide market at my fingertips. I love the way it allows you to have a link on your facebook fan page as well  (Rayann's Creative Instinct).
I have also taken my handmade and vintage finds Back to the village of Saugerties.
Although I don't have my own free standing store,what I do have is a space located at The Saugerties Antique Center at 220 Main Street.You can find my goodies all the way in the back of the center as well as up a secret staircase that leads to a very special pink room that's doors are only open when I am there.
Currently I am in the midst of liquidating a rather large collection of 1970's Bohemian Gypsy clothing.
The collection is from a little local boutique That was closed down for many years. I had long since been out of the vintage clothing scene and moved more towards my art about 5 years ago.However when A friend got in touch with me to show me what was once her mothers boutique back in the day.,my jaw dropped and eyes popped when she opened the door and broke the seal of the rooms that held this marvelous collection. All the rich colors and amazing designs filled my senses in a way that only an artist can feel. 90% of the garments held the label India Imports. A common fashion house hold name that we all grew up with. Some say hippie some say Bohemian (boho) some say gypsy.No matter what you say its all just amazing free spirited 100%cotton and definitely distinctive in design .We call it dead stock or NWOT (new without tags) .It has never been worn washed or moved for that matter .It had been boxed, bagged, hung, and stashed for 40 something years as the doors of the shop had been closed due to family health reasons .
Now mind you I had no intentions of ever getting back into the vintage clothing scene. I have been on and off with it mixing it in with my period costume and set design, teaching of fashion history, and Dress up tea rooms stints.Heck I even had a few little cafes and art galleries along the way to boot But when a person like my self who has an ingrained vintage fashion guru mark stamped on her forehead whether I want to or not .there was no way on this Gods good green earth would I ever be able to pass this amazing opportunity up. For those that know me, you will probably recall that I mostly preferred the outlandish and amusing fashions to surround my presence with. I love the thrill of the hunt to find the old, odd, and unusual pieces that make a screaming fashion statement .This collection
 is so diverse and consists of nearly 1000, pieces none that match another all different in size, color,design and print. However to me it is still all the same.I don't want to say I'm bored of it. Lets just say I'm over it. I played with it for the last 5 months or so I have done photo shoots,  sold online, , fashion shows and a few music videos. Now I'm done. I love it but its ready to move along .I want to get back to my own creations in my home studio and the online audiences.I don't want to sit in a store I don't want to cater to the rich and famous I don't want to explain another thing. I want it gone and that's that.That's where you all come in. As we know This fashion is the hottest and priciest thing going at the moment therefore there is not much time as the attention deficit disorder in fashion designers will take hold shortly. I want to move it while the going is hot! I want designers collectors shop keepers and vintage lovers to take it off my hands so I can crawl out of this blanket of India splendor and spread my creative wings once again

Who will want it? who will buy it? who wants to become famous owning it? Not me is it you ? 

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