Friday, November 20, 2009

Spoon Love

I have been working feverishly to finish up holiday orders. As much as I hate to admit I some times wish I didnt take on the custom work. I feel as if it almost defeats the purpose Of being my own boss. When things have to be done the way some one else wants it it is no longer yours .Sure its all good but I always find my stress level rising when Im creating something for some one else. I find that I worry the whole time that they will approve .

One of my favorite remedies to cure this kind of stress is to just go to my studio and start sifting through my stash of goodies and just force my self to make something out of whats immediately in front of me .This week what was in front of me was a little velvet bag I picked up along my travels this summer.Inside the bag was some of the loveliest pieces of antique silverwear that screamed with artistic element.Thus what was born is "Spoon Love".I love it as it was done solely out of pleasure for myself .It is for me, I will wear it, Iwill love it. Doing this creation just for my self was a quick remedy to get me back on track to fill the rest of those pesky orders.Of course I write in jest as truly I feel blessed to be able to create those special one of a kind treasures for those who come to seek me out.Heres hoping all my artist friends will find there own private muse to take them away from all the hectic holiday stress .Cheers to you all.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Holiday Goodness

Well the season is upon us and the tea room and shop are starting to bustle. Now that Holloween is behind us Im looking forward to creating some things for my self Instead of makng everyone elses costumes.Dont get me wrong as you know I love creating costumes and enjoyed a great 22 year career in .But I am starting to shift somewhat and create more things that heal the soul.

I personally decided to be the Funky Queen of hearts this year. Believing that halloween is the best time to imagine ourselfs in a state of alter Ego.therefore I chose the queen. reason you ask/Because she is . some what hoity toidy yet shes also a cool chick and gets to enjoy both worlds in totally confidence.What more could a women ask for ( besides chocolate)

One of our big events and most enjoyable this month was the Hensons Tea Ball

I was lucky enough to be invited to take the show on the road to the Muppet Mansion and host a tea party for there Daughter Sidney who turned 6. I am truly blessed to have a Mom for a best friend. She is a multi talented mom who always helps me pull stuff like this off.She is a professional photographer as well and it really came in handy for the slide show and photos she created of the celebration. You can view the slide show on my facebook fan page by searching Rayanns Creative Instinct or click on the link

Superfun when my Muse came knocking on my door this week .The snowflakes, scissors, and sparkles were flying.I managed to pump out almost 20 collage cards .Some may be a little off the track for me but I've decided I cant keep creating things that only I like .Not everyone shares the qirky and sometimes bizarre taste I posess. All In all not for nothing it was fun to play the Christmas Carols and get into the creative groove. Once started I couldnt quit any and all who came to visit were recruited to my studio and got a glue stick slapped in to there hand .