Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Long lost Blog is back

Well here we are nearly a year later and I have come to dust off this long lost lonely blog of mine.The poor dear has been cast aside like an ugly red headed stepchild.Her older siblings like Face book and Etsy have really caused me to kicked her to the curb.However on the bright side had it not been for big sis Etsy I may have not been inspired to take the girl here back in to my life once again.You see I have been a part of a great group of mixed media artists in a forum I found nearly 2 years ago on a place called Etsy. Now being a lover and creator of mixed media I have been enlightened on so many aspects of the wonderful world of mixed media.
Now within this little group of gals has formed another group or shall we say a team . Many of these women are published artists and noted teachers.They have named them selves Melange.It is my desire to be a part of this wonderful group and in order to do this it is in my best interest to keep a blog therefore I'm Dusting off the old girl.
Melange has weekly challenges with a given prompt word. The artists are to create a piece according to the word. Now me I personally create my pieces over time when it allows and when I have the inspirational muse before me.Therefore even though this weeks challenge pieces were started before I knew the prompt, they were unfinished pieces that I finally finished in honor of the team. This weeks prompt words "Abundance" and "Flight"

This is a shadow box piece that I have choosen to represent "Abundance".
I call it "Harvest Hat"
Starting with a copy of vintage text as a backround I then included a watercolor painting of an Edwardian Gibson girl I painted last year.
She is adorned with many little snippets and drawings of fruit, flowers, and leaves that top her hat.There is also a real dried Blackeyed Susan flower from my garden and a sprinkling of vintage swarvoski crystals.

I have chosen this as our flower garden provided us with an amazing overabundance of flowers this year and served us such a lovely backdrop for many a portrait taking sessions!

Flight Is another shadow box. I started with a great
piece of vintage pink flocked wallpaper.My little fairy is salvaged from a favorite greeting card, she is adorned with a precious pink applique from a 1930s party dress, that gives reminiscence of wings. Shes holding the tiniest bouquet of vintage flowers in a pale pink with one little stray for her hat.She is finished with spray of feathers and a sparkling jeweled square.